Team categories


Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in each of the following categories:

Open:  15 runners 

Female:  15 female runners

Mixed:  15 runners; five runners must be of the same gender.

Corporate mixed:  15 runners; 12 runners must be employed by or contracted to the same company. five must be of the same gender. 

Masters:  15 runners aged 40 or older as of race day; any gender. 

Semi-centurions:  15 runners aged 50 or older as of race day; any gender. 



A team must enter 15 runners to participate.

Runners can be substituted due to injury, the replacement runner must have run a stage already. (Exceptions being S1, S2, and  N7)


Due to liability and logistics, all runners participating in the Banff Jasper Relay must be 18 years of age or older as of race day. Younger runners will not be qualified to participate in the relay.