Complete your registration

Thanks for registering for the 2022 Banff Jasper Relay. There’s just one more step to finalize your team’s registration - receipt of your registration fees. 


Your team is will be officially entered when the registration form has been completed and the payment has been received. Please check your email (or junk email) to review the registration email which includes a link for your teams runners to register with.


Registration is $2,050 per team plus GST.

Entry fees are not refundable. The Banff Jasper Relay will be monitoring public health restrictions and if a decision is made to cancel the race we will do our best to refund a full payment to all teams as we did in 2020, however in the rare event we cannot recover or defer all costs incurred a partial payment may be refunded.

If you have additional questions about the Banff Jasper Relay, please email