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Air Quality Protocol

This policy has been developed by Triathlon Alberta/Triathlon BC and utilized by Multisportscanada for the Banff Jasper Relay to make an appropriate decision when the Field of Play is impacted by low visibility or forest fire smoke. 

Full details on the protocol can be found here.

We will be utilizing the Air Quality reporting made available by the Alberta Government.

With a Level of 7 or greater, the event will be cancelled.  We will do our best to notify participants 72 hours in advance so that you can adjust your travel and hotels as required, but as conditions can change within hours, a final decision may not be made until the morning of the event.

Here’s a forecast map

If the event is cancelled, we will plan a fun virtual event for all teams this summer where all teams can complete the relay and celebrate at a location of their choice. We will organize a pick up for all medals and event merchandise and even add in beer from Bearhill Brewing Co (Jasper Brewing, Banff Ave Brewing, and Last Best Brewing). For those with team members not local to Calgary or Jasper we will ship all merchandise and medals. 

As we have applied for all permits, purchased all event materials (medals and related merchandise), hotels and vendors booked, and post event meals purchased, unfortunately no refunds will be given. If we cancel more than 72 hours out, we will provide a 25% credit towards 2024. If we cancel after 72 hours no credits will be provided as vendors and hotels will have been paid for in full.

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